Webinar: Run HPC Workloads in the Cloud with NODUS 3.0

Adaptive Computing

It's easy to move HPC workloads and data to the cloud with NODUS Cloud Bursting. Version 3.0 is now available, enabling users to run their jobs, including test jobs or custom jobs, on any of the major cloud providers and switch between them. Watch this webinar to learn more.
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Anshul Dawra, IBM big data development lead, shows us how to build, deploy, configure and run a Hive App in less than 10 minutes using InfoSphere BigInsights 1.3 fixpak 1


What does 'the cloud' mean for pharma?


A unique Q&A session/open forum panel debate. It is likely that you interact with ‘the cloud’ on various devices, multiple times throughout the day. However, for pharma we have only just scratched the surface regarding what the cloud can offer in terms of security, connectivity and efficacy. ‘Business analytics’ and ‘cloud’ are often misunderstood. To answer this, pharmaphorum, in conjunction with industry stalwarts Equinix, present a unique Q&A event, offering the opportunity to ask any questions you may have around what the cloud can do, and how to remain compliant in utilising this technology.
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PCI DSS 3.1 Compliance in the Modern Data Center & Cloud: Lessons & Advice from Expert

Join Forrest McMahon from Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Coalfire for an insightful view of PCI DSS 3.1 requirements in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and more complicated deployment scenarios
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Managing a large organization with thousands of end users and stakeholders is challenging. More challenging is to support the infrastructure and departments that make this work.
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Is a Hybrid Cloud Right for Your Business?

Dell EMC World

IT has long debated the merits of public and private cloud. Public clouds allow organizations to gain capacity and scale services on-demand, while private clouds allow companies to maintain control and visibility of business-critical applications. But there is one cloud model that stands apart: hybrid cloud. Hybrid clouds provide the best of both worlds: secure, on-demand access to IT resources with the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs.
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