Webinar: The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing


Few technologies have impacted businesses over the last few years as much as cloud computing. Whether it’s enabling enterprises to handle traffic bursts in a more economical and efficient manner or helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) save money on infrastructure costs, cloud computing has the ability to positively impact businesses of all sizes.
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Agile business operations and rapid innovation are possible with integrated cloud solutions that let you work, grow and transform.


Discover, Monitor and Protect Your Data in Salesforce


Cloud adoption is becoming inevitable as businesses increasingly move key functions and sensitive data to applications like Salesforce. To assure data privacy and regulatory compliance you need tools to secure your data in the cloud, but first you need to ask some key questions.
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Data Integration in the Cloud

There is a great deal of confusion over the definition of cloud computing and it’s benefits to organizations. However, few argue about the Cloud’s potential to change the way computing resources are delivered.
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Simplify your Data Architecture Across Clouds with a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric


Most global organisations are trending on multi-cloud strategies for many reasons including avoiding cloud lock-in to increasing agility needed for innovations. A next generation of a data architecture is a key enabler.Find out how MapR's Global Data Fabric provides data layer that transcends all instances of data across the globe, whilst enabling the flow of data AND eliminating frictions.
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Unleashing the Power of Windows Azure BizTalk Services


Windows Azure BizTalk Services is a simple, flexible cloud-based integration service that provides powerful capabilities for delivering scalable and secure cloud and hybrid integration solutions.
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