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Caveonix Unveils Caveonix Cloud 5.0: An AI-Powered Platform for Automated Security, Compliance, and Governance in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Caveonix Unveils Caveonix Cloud 5.0: An AI-Powered Platform

Caveonix, the industry’s first unified platform for hybrid multicloud governance, compliance, and security management, today announced its fifth-generation offering, which is designed to provide continuous protection of applications built on containers, cloud-native services, and traditional three-tiered architecture.

The next-gen version provides prioritized actionable insights and ensures real-time protection through its unique DefenseBot™ technology as well as executing policy enforcement for Zero-Trust implementation. This, combined with a shift-left approach for secure DevOps, enables enterprises to manage their security and compliance posture proactively.

The unified platform provides a fully integrated eGRC and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP). The platform capabilities are available in various bundles to address the requirements of various stakeholders, from the infrastructure team to security and compliance analysts to the leadership, including CISO, CRO, and CCO.

New platform capabilities include:

  1. AI-powered CNAPP: Our Neural-Insight AI engine continuously secures the entire DevOps cycle from coding to testing to deployment. Using a shift-left model we check security configurations in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before and during deployment in a CI/CD pipeline and ensure that all potential risks are caught and eliminated at the source. It ensures 360º insights with intelligent, automated risk detection related to the IaC code (Terraform, Cloud Formation Scripts, Azure Resource Management scripts, Kubernetes configuration scripts) as well as factors in data from SAST and DAST code analysis tools and scans of container image library, users can also write custom policy checks with YMAL and REGO language.
  2. Automated eGRC: The platform automates eGRC to standardize processes, model scenarios and better prepare for continuous ATO (cATO). It streamlines internal controls to work collaboratively with external requirements. Workflows can be created to ensure accountability, efficiency, and compliance.
  3. Powerful Anomaly Detection: Identify anomalies in user behavior, application behavior-based network flows between assets and applications containers and network flow anomalies by looking at runtime metrics, which are easily available in the network insights dashboard. Our AI engine identifies the anomalies and automatically quarantines the endpoints. Thus, localizing the infection and preventing the spread to other assets.
    The platform’s unique DefenseBot™ technology allows workload and cloud native service protection with surgical precision. Users can create customized action(s) to every unique service type on the public clouds such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  4. Automated Zero-Trust: We automate zero-trust based on insights derived from the operational and runtime data that we collect and analyze. We unify assessment of flows across the hybrid cloud estates for easier and seamless policy enforcement.
  5. Customizable Dashboard: The dashboard is fully customizable based on user and associated role. Each role from security analyst to a compliance analyst or an infrastructure engineer as well as a developer can define their default dashboard and reorganize the widgets on the dashboard to customize per their needs.
  6. Intuitive Insights: Each user dashboard can have insights that are unique to their role. With a rich library of insights, each user can quickly assess the risk and start taking action based on recommended prioritization. The insights dashboard supports different categories such as risk, compliance, CIEM, public exposure, network, policy violations, secure configurations, IAM, and serverless and containers.
  7. Enhanced Attack Path Visibility: The risk insights feature provides risk analytics and quantification. It can identify and assess new critical risk combinations mapped against crown jewel applications from asset to application to organization with a graphical representation of the attack path, thus enabling rapid understanding of the impact and actions that need to be executed for remediation.

“As organizations are developing and delivering applications at a record pace, securing software development lifecycles, and ensuring continuous compliance across hybrid multicloud environments is becoming a tremendous challenge," said Kaus Phaltankar, Co-founder, and CEO of Caveonix. “Keeping this in mind, we designed Caveonix Cloud 5.0, an innovative platform for comprehensive full-stack visibility to all your hybrid cloud assets, helping customers prioritize findings for high efficiency and effectiveness and staying continuously compliant with all local to global regulatory and industry requirements.”

“Now organizations can continue to focus on ideas and accelerate innovation to achieve their business goals, while the Caveonix platform, with Neural-Insight™ AI-engine, automates the assessment and protection of the business applications at scale.”

Today, Caveonix has been deployed by several Fortune 500 companies nationally and globally. It has the single largest global enterprise deployment, with over 1 million cloud assets in a hybrid cloud environment.

Recently, Gartner recognized Caveonix as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).

To learn more about Caveonix Cloud 5.0, visit us at RSA booth 5384 at the Moscone North Expo Hall or get in touch with our sales team at

About Caveonix

Founded in 2017, Caveonix is the provider of Caveonix Cloud, the industry’s leading platform for unified security, compliance, and governance across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The platform’s interconnected modules enable enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to risk management across the full stack of applications, platforms, and infrastructure. The platform also employs AI and Robotic Process Automation to continuously assess and automatically remediate security and compliance issues at the scale and speed required to outpace today’s threats.

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Caveonix’s customers range from SMBs to Fortune 500s across a wide range of industries, and our partners are among the world’s leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.


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It's important that security teams do not lose sight of these short-lived instances. To meet this growing need, Lacework agentless workload scanning has been upgraded to check customer workloads every five minutes for new instances. This granular visibility of what is running and its associated risk assures teams that they have comprehensive visibility into rapidly changing environments and gives confidence that short-lived instances are not falling through the security cracks. Operationalized Risk Management with ServiceNow and Jira Integrations It's not enough for an organization to have a list of vulnerabilities, they need to be able to quickly fix them. To enhance its industry-leading threat visibility tools, the Lacework platform now features integrations with ServiceNow and Jira that improve the process of mitigating vulnerabilities. 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We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lacework and helping mutual customers address cybersecurity threats more quickly and efficiently." Lacework's integration with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response offerings for infrastructure and container applications is currently available in the ServiceNow marketplace. Lacework's integration to Security in Jira is in private preview. About Lacework Lacework keeps organizations secure in the cloud, allowing them to innovate faster with confidence. Cloud security requires a fundamentally new approach and the Lacework platform is designed to scale with the volume, variety, and velocity of cloud data across an organization's cloud environment: code, identities, containers, and multi-cloud infrastructure. Only Lacework provides Security and Development teams with a correlated and prioritized end-to-end view that pinpoints the largest risks and handful of security events that matter most. Learn more at

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StackPath Edge Compute is now accessible via the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing Google Cloud customers to expand their environment to the internet's edge. StackPath, a leading edge computing platform, has made its Edge Compute Virtual Machines and Containers available on the marketplace, with purchases counting towards users' committed Google Cloud expenditure. StackPath offers cloud computing instances at edge points of presence within 38 major global markets, ensuring proximity to data sources and destinations. This proximity enhances application distribution options. Tom Reyes, Chief Product Officer for StackPath, emphasized the synergy between edge and cloud computing, highlighting the cost and performance benefits of utilizing Google Cloud for latency-neutral workloads and StackPath for latency-sensitive tasks. Dai Vu, Managing Director at Google Cloud, reportedly stated, As a part of their digital transformation strategies, many enterprises are seeking solutions that help them optimize their workflows. With its solutions now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, StackPath is enabling companies of all types and sizes to achieve the speed, security, and efficiency they require. [Source: PR Newswire] Additionally, StackPath recently added support for Virtual Kubelet in StackPath Edge Compute, facilitating seamless integration of StackPath Edge Compute Containers into multi-cloud Kubernetes (K8s) clusters. K8s, born on Google Cloud, remain popular among Google Cloud users. Key features of StackPath Edge Compute include deploying VMs with certified Linux distributions, image capture for autoscaling and rollbacks, deploying compliant container images, and rapid provisioning in StackPath Edge locations. About StackPath StackPath is an edge cloud platform offering cloud services in close proximity to end users compared to core cloud providers. Its edge compute solutions, including virtual machines and containers, along with edge applications such as CDN and WAF, are strategically positioned in densely populated areas. These services are connected through a secure private network fabric and managed through a single system. Clients, ranging from Fortune 50 enterprises to startups, rely on StackPath to optimize the performance, security, and efficiency of their latency-sensitive workloads and applications. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, StackPath was founded in 2015 and specializes in SECaaS, CDN, WAF, and various other cloud-related services.

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