The power of mobile devices has increased dramatically in the last few years. As mobile applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated, they significantly increase the requirement for functional and non-functional tests. Academicians and testing experts have to come up with effective verification techniques to ensure reliability of these mobile applications. These devices are becoming more sophisticated and allow users to accomplish a wide variety of tasks while on the move. The ease with which mobile apps can be created and distributed has resulted in a number of usability issues becoming more prevalent. One of the ways to test mobile applications is Cloud based mobile application testing which helps to develop and execute automation scripts on real devices. As the mobile market continues to grow sharply, those brands that make real-world testing coverage a priority will enjoy ROI in terms of increased market share, profitability and above all, user loyalty. Those who neglect testing will struggle to keep up in a world filled with app stores, social media and increased user expectations. This webinar focuses on mobile testing, challenges in mobile testing, mobile test automation framework, multiple/cross device execution and parallel execution.