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As the city of Akron repairs its computer system after last month's cyberattack, some city council members are turning their attention to a more robust — if not perfect — long-term approach to cyberprotection.Russel Neal, Ward 4 councilman, said the city should consider a cloud-based system in partnership with a company that specializes in cybersecurity. He said such an agreement would enable the city's system to keep up with ever-emerging threats. It would also reduce the risk presented by a ransomware attack."This is only going to continue," Neal said. "Cyberwarfare is a thing of the present and will be in the future." The city responded quickly to the Jan. 22 attack, limiting damage to its servers and system. But the damage was severe enough to knock out public-facing components of the system — most notably, online 311 at the end of a dayslong snowstorm — for nearly two weeks. The city's response included a direct appeal from Mayor Dan Horrigan to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for National Guard assistance. The FBI joined the Guard's cyber team and the city in an investigation that will take weeks or months. READ MORE