. https://www.zdnet.com/article/data-integration-issues-still-impede-digital-progress-survey-shows/
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The foundation of a digitally savvy enterprise is data, and lots of it, coming from all corners, and having the right data at the right time being digested and turned into insights that guide both humans and machines to make the right things happen. But organizations are still fumbling in their efforts to bring it all together. Cloud services help -- but only go so far, and may even complicate things even more. That's the word from a recent survey of 1,400 executives released by Progress, which finds data integration to be the number-one challenge to enterprises seeking to expand their digital repertoire. Close to half of respondents pinpoint ever-increasing disparate data sources as a major pain point. Another 44 percent of respondents are worried about integrating cloud data with on-premises data. While Progress, a provider of data integration tools, has an obvious stake in reporting these results, the findings point to a pain point that doesn't get addressed enough amidst all the talk of the glorious digital and AI revolution. Sort of akin to building the first automobiles without figuring out ways to refine gasoline from oil sludge. JOE MCKENDRICK READ MORE