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The security of pre-2019 IoT devices have been notoriously weak. This may be the year that begins to change. The headlines have begun to get attention and vendors are now tasked with securing their devices in order to retain their business. Recently in a piece for Health Data Management, Joe Lea, Vice President at Armis, outlined security trends that he expects will impact IoT in 2019.First for the bad. Attacks on devices will become more sophisticated. Lea says that attacks will increasingly incorporate methods of surveillance, and data exfiltration and manipulation. The result could be the disruption of operations at the targeted businesses. Vendors and providers will begin to create IoT security frameworks. Currently security is often applied on a piecemeal basis to individual devices. With the proliferation of devices and realization that many of the devices in an organization aren’t even being tracked, a dedicated IoT security platform becomes more of a necessity. Security standards for IoT are being created by NIST, CIS and MITRE. The Smart IoT Act, passed in late 2018, specifies how healthcare organizations need to address the security of their devices. Under the act, an inventory of all connected devices is necessary, a risk assessment needs to be made, and threats need to be monitored. DICK WEISINGER READ MORE