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Running Docker in production has quickly become the norm. Cloud hosting providers like AWS, GCE and Azure realized that this is what organizations need. Services like EKS and ECS from Amazon offer a completely managed environment for your Docker containers to run on. Through this article, we’ll take a closer look to one of them, Amazon ECS, which is Amazon Elastic Container Service. We are going to describe what AWS ECS is, its functions, and its importance in the current market. If you don’t know what any of this means, then the rest of the article is going to help you with that. Suffice it to, say, "fully-managed" implies you don’t have to pay any third-party software vendor to run your containerized application. "Scalable" means you don’t have to worry, ahead of time, about resource utilization. AWS Cloud will make resources, like CPU, memory and storage, available to you, on demand.But why should you care about it? The reason behind it is two-fold.First of all, is the flexibility and scalability of a microservice-based architecture which most applications are now adopting. As it turns out, Docker containers are really good for deploying microservices. So, it stands to reason that your application may get shipped as a Docker image. If that’s not the case, you may not want ECS, since this service is exclusive for those who intend to run Docker containers. ALFONSO VALDES READ MORE