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There's an old, wise IT statement: "Never fix what's broken." Of course, there's an equally true tech management thought, which goes: "You snooze, you lose." So, trying to satisfy both the tortoises and hares of IT, Red Hat's newest version of its old-school CloudForms management tool comes ready to integrate with Red Hat's DevOps program of choice: Ansible Tower. CloudForms is in infrastructure management platform, which allows IT departments to control users' self-service abilities to provision, manage, and ensure compliance across virtual machines and private clouds. Ansible Tower is Red Hat's enterprise version of the popular open-source Ansible DevOps IT automation program.This new version of CloudForms boasts deeper integration with the Red Hat Ansible Automation software stack. It's infrastructure integrations are designed to help streamline and simplify IT management across hybrid-cloud infrastructure.This move is perfectly natural since Red Hat as it merges with IBM. It's all about pushing the hybrid-cloud. STEVEN J. VAUGHAN-NICHOLS READ MORE