. https://cloud.report/Resources/Whitepapers/723b92c0-a2f3-409c-943e-ef7f68f68a80_cclinkie-tsn_whitepater_en.pdf
The CC-Link Partner Association has created a new industrial open network specification "CC-Link IE TSN" as the next generation CC-Link IE network. CC-Link IE was introduced in 2007 as the first industrial open network in the industry based on 1 Gbps Ethernet. CC-Link IE is available in several different types. "CC-Link IE Control" is a trunk network that connects controllers within a factory, while "CC-Link IE Field" covers general input/output control, connecting controllers with a wide variety of field devices. Functionality and scope have also been expanded with "CC-Link IE Field Motion" (for motion control) and "CC-Link IE Safety" (for safety control). In 2016, "CC-Link IE Field Basic" was added to the lineup to extend compatibility to 100Mbit devices. DOWNLOAD