. https://cloud.report/Resources/Whitepapers/096a149a-87ae-4ece-b76f-3088f99107e1_Predix-Private-Cloud-from-GE-Digital-whitepaper.pdf
Predix Platform is asset-centric and provides a productionready distributed application platform. Predix Platform provides a deployment model that spans cloud, on-premises, and the edge. This allows organizations to connect to assets, ingest data, perform analysis, and gather intelligence where it's needed. Organizations are empowered to deliver the best industrial outcomes by leveraging the flexibility across the continuum. Predix Private Cloud brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. Predix Private Cloud is meant to support your evolving business needs. Organizations can now build modern applications across the on-premises and cloud environments, balancing the right amount of flexibility and control. With access to a consistent set of Predix Platform services at your data center securely, and DevOps processes and tools on Predix Private Cloud, customers, partners, and developers can build applications and then collaborate with operations to deploy to the location that best meets the business, technical, and regulatory requirement. DOWNLOAD