Zero Trust with cert-manager, Istio and Kubernetes


A 5-Step Practical Guide to Building a Production-Ready, Zero Trust Environment

Service meshes are an abstraction layer on top of Kubernetes that consolidate crosscutting concerns when running production-grade distributed applications. Istio has become one Of the leading service mesh implementations, offering a feature-rich experience for securing workloads, managing network traffic and observing application behavior.

Many enterprises see great value in using Istio for its range of advanced development, operations and security features, which solves many significant issues when running polyglot, distributed applications at scale.

Zero Trust is a holistic approach to network security that posits that strict identity is required for each actor on the network, whether they are external or internal to the perimeter. Istio helps to manage workload identities by minting x.509 certificates that are used tor mTLS, centralizing the process of certificate issuance and renewal.

Read this guide to learn how to build secure Zero Trust environments using Istio and cert-manger — and how you can ensure that certificates used in multi-cluster and multi-mesh architectures are trusted and safe.

What you will learn.

  • Why Kubemetas is the go-to tool tor container orchestration
  • Why traditional network security models need to evolve
  • What is Zero Trust, and why it matters
  • How Istio can be used to secure east-to-west traffic
  • to automate the issuance and renewal of cloud native 'machine identities

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